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Solid wood pergolas

Solid wood pergolas have pastoral and fresh appearance which springs a nature feeling
.This feeling reflects no matter to your house location and landscape
.Solid wood pergolas are constructed with thick chunky beautiful tree logs
.Chunky tree logs are large and massive, wide and strong. These logs are precisely suitable for pergolas building
.The Chunky logs can reach 12 meters length and therefore fit for creating massive columns structures
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Pine pergolas

Pine is the oldest kind of tree used in Israel. It is used to build gazebos and more.
Pine is easy to work with, beautiful and has durable weather capabilities to the Israeli climate.
It is a common tree with a rapid growth abilities. It is commonly used for carpentry works and pergolas building.in addition – it even has Inexpensive price.
Pine Pergolas naturally fit to yards and gardens.
Pine has flexibility and isn’t relatively heavy. This fact lowers material costs for pergola installation and construction.
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Hi quality Pergolas 
Solid wood pergolas
Solid wood pergolas are massive and involve better infrastructure preparations and weight support.
This name comes from their wood shape process.  It is actually a solid whole wood log which sawn as one piece. It can be made from a number of different trees like Pine and Ipe.
This is what gives the strength and the natural genuine look and feel of the pergola. Furthermore, it provides clean and reach texture to your wooden pergola.
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